What kind of words you say, what kind of person you are

“You left your sneakers here, you want to make me fall to my death!!!” Gu Gu yelled at Ah Nam, this was their third year living together.

  Can you really fall to your death if you trip on your sneakers?

  It’s hard to say. Tripping on a sneaker at the corner of the stairs and then tumbling “smoothly” all the way from the tenth floor to the first floor could kill you. So this may not be too exaggerated.

  But Gugu must have had something else to say when he tripped over the sneakers that Ani had taken off.

  Gu Gu can reason: “Why did you take off your sneakers here? You must have been drunk again last night!”

  The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. These sneakers cost me enough to buy a microwave oven!”

  Gu Gu can also pout, “What should I do? I tripped over your sneakers! It hurts!” ……

  The kind of words Gu Gu will say will depend on the kind of person she wants to play in the eyes of Ah Nam. She is going to play the Obasan, she will say what the Obasan loves to say; she will play the fiancée, she will say what the fiancée should say; she will play the beauty, she will say what the beauty should say.

  Many people think: what you say reveals what kind of person you are.

  But I think it’s more than that. I think: the kind of words you say, you are the kind of person.


  You always think that you are pathetic and that people are bullying you, you do often say words with a pathetic mentality. But not only that, but also the other way around: you say what only a wretch would say in every sentence, and when you say it for a long time, you will be a wretch.

  When Gu Gu yells, “You want to make me fall to my death,” Nan will think this crazy woman is delusional. (Believe me, even if I’m a total meatfoot in the “killing world”, I’m still a person who’s not a killer. I would like to kill someone by throwing sneakers around.)

  From then on, the Gugu in A-an’s mind, there is a small sticky note, which reads: “The victim of paranoia”. The next time they quarrel, “persecuted” will become a basis for A-Nan to complain about Gu Gu, A-Nan will say: “You always think I will wrong you, you love to accuse me so much, why don’t I really go out and have sex with others!

  Yes, what Gu Gu says is not only the “result”, revealing how Gu Gu sees things, but it also becomes the “cause”, which “leads” Gu Gu to see things in reverse, and then Then “guide” the important people around Gu Gu to see Gu Gu in this way.

  You love to complain, you become a “grumbling girl”. You love to play cheap, you become “cheap mouth”. You are always? The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of the most popular and popular items.

  Do you really want to become the little sunshine that gives others warmth? Then you start talking and set some simple things that you can really do, for example: make it a rule to send a text message every Wednesday at noon to greet a friend in your address book, and after the other party returns your text message, make sure to reply with a text message to cheer the other party.

  (“What if the person borrows money from me?”) “Then …… should tell him to cheer up!”)

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