Unnecessary technical inspection ticket

Electronic ticketing

STK is a real scarecrow for some drivers, but it is fine that only vehicles that are in good condition and do not endanger the crew or other road users will be allowed to enter the traffic. It is true, however, that even a minor fault can complicate the situation. For example, a crack in the driver’s windscreen. The technicians have a keen eye and will not put a stamp where a windscreen replacement should be considered.

Negative outcome may not occur

One of the most common reasons for an STK to turn out negatively is actually glass damage. This is because there must be no scratches in the driver’s direct field of vision, but neither must there be pits that have formed from flying gravel or pebbles. They will not forgive any cracks in this area, even at the end of the glass. This condition is considered a safety hazard and really leaves no choice but to contact a windscreen replacement service first. Nowadays, replacement can be carried out quickly by a specialist garage, which will not cause any long delay. It is better to check this before you stand in a long queue for a stamp, which can definitely be a pain afterwards.

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