Look at each other in the eyes and in the heart

Look at each other in the eyes and in the heart

 Xiao Ge followed the instructions of many “teaching talking books”, and when dating Gu Gu, Xiao Ge tried very hard to keep both eyes looking at Gu Gu’s eyes.

  Maybe this is really tired, after five minutes, Xiao Ge feels like he is turning into cross-eyed.

  However, the more tired is being looked at Gu Gu. The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. The puff of powder on the nose is not enough to see the pores are a bit large? The false eyelashes are not properly glued? Crow’s feet? Eye stains?

  The reason Gu Gu is so nervous is because the way Xiao Ge looks at her is too much like an “autopsy”.

  There are many kinds of look, “examination”, “examination”, “examination”, and “attention”, “gaze”, “gaze”, “gaze”, “gaze”. “watching”, “looking”, there is a difference in proportion.

  When dating, of course, it is best to look at each other with affection from time to time, so that each other feel the ambiguous current between the two in the transmission, rather than “two hungry people gathered together to fill their stomachs”.

  Some people dating, although carefully selected for the conversation of the French restaurant, carefully selected for the young and old French red and white wine, but into the restaurant a sit down “seriously” to study the menu, after studying the menu “seriously” to discuss the dishes with the waiter. Then, the wine came to “serious” wine tasting, the food came to “serious” eat food. What? You think you are a Michelin restaurant guide sent out by the food spy?

  Dating is dating, is to be affectionate, eating, drinking and ordering food are “flirting” good opportunity. When faced with a foreign language menu, you can laugh at what jokes you have made in the foreign language, so that the other party think you are very friendly; you can also take the opportunity to tell a small custom that you have seen when you travel, so that the other party think you are very knowledgeable. In doing so, you should of course look at each other from time to time, with a little observation, so that each other fully feel, her presence in your eyes.

  When talking about how spicy the hot pot should be, see if she frowns? See if she has to get up, although you do not have to exaggerate to an arrow shift to help her pull the chair, but may be thoughtful to tell her, the restaurant dressing room in which direction. These, you need to keep the “corner of the eye to observe”, but do not have to “scrutinize the examination”.

  Many people think that if you know about food and wine, you have good taste, I do not agree at all. I’ve seen a lot of boring people who know how to eat and drink. With such people, you will never have a “spring” feeling, because they do not “to you as a respect”, but “to eat and drink as a respect”.

  A person, if you can do each other “in the eyes, in the heart”, even if this state, only maintain a meal time, but also make each other feel “valued”, like a spring breeze.

  See? “valued”, is the key word oh, the important thing, is the word “view” ah.

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