Give up the unnecessary victory to the other side, people who know how to admit defeat know how to talk very well

Gu Gu has a colleague, a first-class university graduate, eloquent, logical and clear, rich in five cars, the mouth like a river. Every department meeting, if his boss asked his opinion, he? Can talk eloquently, very thoughtful.

  Unfortunately, everyone finds him annoying. When you need to coordinate things, people in other departments are rarely willing to cooperate with him. People in the same department are also not very willing to accompany him in his charge.

  What’s wrong with him? He did not do anything, he just disagreed with others, always talk to the other side to speechless. Powerful, but annoying. The people who lose to him verbally are expecting him to make a fool of himself.

  Gu Gu doesn’t hate him, Gu Gu’s own meeting, almost always in mind, it is better to become air, do not attract the attention of the boss, so Gu Gu has never fought with this number of people. When Gu Gu listens to this excellent colleague speak, also often feel that he speaks are quite reasonable.

  In fact, the supervisors are also considered? Appreciate this colleague, but when they find that this person is too poorly liked, things can not be done, can not fight the team battle, his evaluation will be greatly reduced.

  The wise man said, “Each person, is the king of his own little territory.” What is the characteristic of a king? The king is the one who is occasionally happy to hear the opinions of others …… when they happen to be the same as the king’s own. There may be three or six or nine different kinds of people, but whether it’s a schoolboy, an old lady, someone who specializes in helping dogs take baths, or someone who specializes in helping the government check their taxes, everyone likes to have others agree with them. But since everyone is a king, regardless of size, then of course each king has his own ideas, you I, I also I, it is impossible for everyone to just agree with each other’s ideas.

  When you do not agree with each other, in fact, you do not? Like Goo Goo this good argumentative colleagues like this, insist that the other side admit defeat and admit their mistakes. This does not help things move forward. You can speak with reservation, you can remind in a roundabout way, if the other party is not too white-eyed (idiots), should be able to hear your position. On the other hand, when you meet someone who is very strong and has to force you to admit defeat, if admitting defeat does not hurt your principles, I suggest you laugh it off and give up that unnecessary victory to the other person. This will look like you have a lot of tolerance, and the other party will be happy to work with you further.

  If the war of words happens between couples, the benefits of “admitting defeat” are even greater. Couples are different from colleagues. Couples are together because they love each other, unlike co-workers who are together for a paycheck. After getting your priorities straight, you’ll naturally know how to maintain a relationship between lovers. This love is the most important. Under the premise of love, why bother with winning and losing?

  You and your husband quarrel, quarrel won, quarrel until he bowed his head and admit defeat, angry, slammed the door, slammed the gas and sped away, so you will not be very worried about his safety? You will not be able to sleep all night, anxiously waiting for him to come back, right? Did you win this way? It should be better to lose, right?

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