Appearance is good or bad, definitely not the decisive point in life

Appearance is good or bad, definitely not the decisive point in life

Appearance is not good, definitely not the decisive point in life.

  It’s more important to be likable or not.

  This matter, with common sense judgment will know: and live in the same house roommate, or, sitting at the desk next to your colleague, even if you look very beautiful, you may not be in a good mood, but if she is very annoying, you must be in a bad mood. If your roommate or colleague, not beautiful, but very good to get along with, very likeable, then your mood is easy to very good. Probably only people who are big stars are better suited to be very beautiful but very obnoxious. If there is no intention to be a big star, then the number of people who will feel satisfied with your life because of your beauty is actually very limited. Instead, your likability can benefit many people around you.

  ”I’ve got a date to go out for Japanese food on Saturday!” Gu Gu’s friend called excitedly to make an appointment.

  ”Ah, but I don’t eat Japanese food!” What if Gu Gu answered directly like that? To the person on the other end of the line, of course, it was very difficult.

  When Gu Gu speaks this way, of course, she is putting her own likes and dislikes in the “most important” position. If it wasn’t for Gu Gu’s birthday, I don’t think the other eight people at the party would have cared if Miss Gu Gu ate Japanese food or not.

  Goo Goo’s direct answer was like pulling a large knife out of its sheath with a “swoosh”. She either forced the other party to change the reservation for her to another restaurant, and one by one to inform others; or she forced the other party to say: “So? Then Gu Gu you should not come to attend this time first.”

  The way to reduce the trouble for others is to solve the trouble in your own hands. Gu Gu doesn’t have to force herself to eat Japanese food, she just has to answer.

  ”Oh, I’ll eat my fill then? Meet you guys at the restaurant, because I don’t eat Japanese food.”

  Or, “Let me order another new Thai food for everyone, okay? Because I’m not used to eating Japanese food.”

  Gugu would be much more likable if she would change her words to be spoken in this order, and people would be interested in calling her again for a party next time. But how do you know the order of speech, which sentence should come first and which should follow? In this case, the only attitude that needs to be grasped is a very simple one: people don’t exist to serve you.

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