Already very likeable you will be more likeable in the future

I met Nam the other day and he said he thought you were nice! And pretty!” A week after we sang together, Go told Gugu, who was sitting next to him, this.

  Uh …… Did Nan really say that? God knows! But who cares, as long as A-Nan is a person who knows a little bit about the world, even if he didn’t say this, he will not deny it the next time he meets Gu Gu and he hears Gu Gu mention it.

  The reason for this is because this relayed word makes the relationship between Gugu and Anan and Xiao Ge all three better ah! Everyone is happy and no one is hurt. (…… unless …… Gu Gu thus fell in love with A-Nan, but A-Nan already had a girlfriend, and then Gu Gu was very sad ……)

  I myself will not intentionally fabricate this kind of praise, but if I really hear, even if it is to turn a three or four hands of praise, I will certainly be happy to pass on. Because this will really make the person listening happy, the atmosphere will be good, and it will sound, than you yourself just say some empty praise, is much more credible.

  My hosting job makes sure that I will meet a lot of people I am not familiar with. If I met the granny heroine of a long-lived Taiwanese serial and insisted that I was a fan of hers, she wouldn’t believe me when she heard it, and maybe the granny would even think I was being hypocritical. But if I were to say, by way of paraphrasing someone else’s praise, that there is a grandfather who lives in our building and thinks she is the most elegant girl in the whole drama, only then would the granny actress listen to it.

  As for the fact that the grandfather has said so? He probably just said: “That granny to this age still show cleavage, really have the courage ah!”

  To put it bluntly, my advice is just to make the already likable you, in the future will be more likable.

  But if the way you want to practice your speech is to make people afraid of you and hate you, then please put this book down quickly; take the money you would have spent on this book and buy a samurai sword or buy a skunk as a pet sooner!

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